Entry Fees and Farm Opening Times (Fix Prices apply. NO NEGOTIATION)
Groups over 20 persons
Owls at Botolan Wildlife Farm
Adults PHP 85.00 Adults
PHP 75.00
Kids PHP 75.00 Kids
PHP 75.00
Seniors* PHP 65.00 Seniors
PHP 50.00
*Seniors must provide an ID to be eligible for discount.
Above prices are per person and payable at the entrance ticket office.
Restaurant Prices for Filipinos
Single Duration Price Including
Room only per night up to 3 persons PHP 650.00 (USD 16.00) Shower/WC/Entrance
suppl. each further person per night PHP 50.00 (USD 2.00) Shower/WC/Entrance
Catering service* Full board - Breakfest/Lunch/Dinner PHP 2000.00 (USD 50.00)  
  Half board - Breakfest/Dinner PHP 1700.00 (USD 42.00)  
Restaurant Prices for Foreigners
Single Duration Price Including
One person per night incl. Dinner & Breakfest PHP 1500.00 Shower/WC/Entrance
Two persons per night incl. Dinner & Breakfest PHP 1800.00 Shower/WC/Entrance
Entrance Fee for the Farm is only payable once. Prices are fix. NO NEGOTIATION.
The Restaurant and accommodation
Our restaurant also offers the possibility to stay over night. Upstairs you will find separate bedrooms with shower and WC available to rent at any time. Just pick up the phone and book in advance and it's yours for as long as you want.
We at Botolan Wildlife Farm would like to spoil our guests and visitors. So we can offer good value meals, ice cream, snacks and drinks in our centrally located restaurant.

Have parties or special occasions, or simply relax and soak in the atmosphere.
Barbecues for all !
Whether you have a look at the restaurant's menu or you prefer to stay outdoors for a barbeque is entirely your choice.

That's why we have selected designated areas, offering the use of barbeque stands and grilling stations. No compromise ! Just ask for a place and enjoy the day.
Our Playgrounds
From climbing frames to swings and slides. The wellbeing of children is our priority, fun and entertainment essential.

Kids will find a variety of different activities and can roam freely within the park area.