Have you ever thought about retiring in the Philippines ?

The prospect of retiring on a limited pension may seem bleak. How can you best enjoy the remaining years of your life? The Philippine Leisure and Retirement Authority (PLRA) might just have the answer to problems like yours. According to PLRA, more than 10,000 retirees from 70 countries including Japan, South Korea, and China are now registered residents of the Philippines, and people like you may very well join them.

What are the requirements to retire in the Philippines ?

To qualify, retirees are required to maintain a US-dollar account in an accredited bank for six months. After that period, the dollar deposit may be converted into a peso account, or withdrawn for purposes of investments in the country.

All PLRA-registered retirees may invest in five areas: condominium units, new or existing corporations in the country, long-term lease of land and construction of a house, golf shares, and stocks traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Botolan Wildlife Farm is an ideal place to enjoy your retirement. The Province of Zambales has good hospitals, private and public, that offer excellent health care.

We at Botolan Wildlife Farm are in a unique position to offer lots/land for lease at sizes of 500 - 1000 m2 or more within the farm compound. 

A great opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers who would like to reside within close proximity to a zoo with botanical gardens. More information here.

You might want to build your retirement dwelling on your individual private lot and enjoy the wonderful sorroundings of our farm. The owners, Martin and Juvy Zoller, will support you all the way to fulfill your dream of becoming a permanent resident. Please contact us by using this email form and we will get back to you.

Before you decide to build your own property, we recommend that you visit our farm first to have a more detailed insight into the location and our conditions. It is our aim to ensure that you are fully informed about all aspects of a lease agreement before you decide on your property development.

What is a lease ?
A land lease is a type of financial arrangement in which you lease the ground under your residence rather than buying it, meaning that the land and the structure are owned independently.

In this instance, we will work with you and an appointed specialist lawyer to create a land lease contract, allowing you to build your residence,  with the understanding that the land is leased and does not come with the building. Land leases are common and are often associated with tenant-owned buildings.

10 good Reasons for Living in the Philippines
Generally, the contract for a land lease runs for at least 50 years, however, our contracts will run for a maximum of 25 years. If the land lease is near termination, the lease contract can be renewed, providing that the terms and conditions of the agreement have been adhered to and that the property is well maintained.