Our Quarantine and Rescue Center Zambales
We take our enagement to shelter and care for the animals very serious. This is why we have agreed with the DENR to act in our capacity as Quarantine and Rescue Center for Wild Animals and Plants, native or foreign. One of our duties is to ensure that animals that had previously been captured due to illness or injury will be released to the wild as soon their condition allows to do so. It is often with mixed feelings as some animals become friends and letting go of them is sometimes are real challenge.

Apart from housing exotic animals and plants at Botolan Wildlife Farm we also have a duty to set animals free by releasing them back to the wild as soon as they have recovered from their illness or injuries.

The Macaque in the cage in the photo at the right is ready to begin his future life in the wilderness of the Zambales Mountains and forests.

It is also that animals sometimes grow fond of us too and they can hesitate to leave. But once they have left the cage it does not take too long and they know where they really belong: Into the Forest.


The Macaque has already climbed up a tree. Probably to take a first look at where he is and what is going on. It seems that he wants to say a last good bye. We hope, not having to take him back into care. So let's keep our hopes high !

This is just one example of our activities at the Farm. And we are sure there is more to come. We do this on a voluntary basis and with the agreement and mandate of the DENR.
Our helper returns with the empty cage. This was a successful trip and we are all proud to give something back to nature. If the cage stays empty it will be a good sign that the Macaque has found his way back into his group of animals.